Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Red Betel Borneo

As one kind of plant that has been known for its efficacy in curing various diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and many other uses betel plant apparently also features a variety of types. One of them is the Red Betel Borneo. This plant contains chemicals such as flavonoids, alkaloids, planolod compounds, tannins and essential oils.
Red betel Borneo called for in accordance with its name derived from Borneo that made the difference with the type commonly known as betel. Between regular and red betel betel Borneo are similarities in terms of characteristics.

That distinguishes between the two types of betel is on veins or leaf fibers. Red betel leaf fiber borneo slightly reddish colored, as well as red-colored stalks. Red betel vine growth is, therefore, necessary wooden poles as the growth medium. Betel leaf shape and color similar to the Red Borneo regular Betel is somewhat oval and green.
Growing media Borneo Red Betel slightly different from plants in general. It adapts to its natural habitat. In Borneo Red Betel media moss living on soil similar to smooth greenish moss. It is said that the media is able to keep moisture alias is always wet. Because habitat Red Betel grow under shady trees indicate that this plant likes shade.


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