Thursday, November 22, 2012

leatherback acid as Cough, Gout Drug, Drug Sprue

Galimbing Tunjuk (Borneo Dayak language) or belimbing asam (Indonesian) or Averhoa bilimbi, Linn. (Latin) included in arilidaceae tribes that came from the Americans. Efficacious among others, could treat Cough, Rheumatism and Sprue
Specifications plants:
leatherback acid (Averhoa Bilimbi) can grow well in open places that have a height of less than 500 meters above sea level. This plant height can reach more than 10 meters and has a hard stem. In his home country, this plant grows well in the tropics and in Indonesia, many kept in the yard or sometimes grows wild in fields or forest edge.
The trunk is not only complains has branches, leaves hersirip being fulfilled. The flowers are small red or purple hanging with fruit lengthwise and hollow it contains seeds. The flesh contains a lot of water that taste sour.
Star fruit acid content of chemical elements have called oxalic acid and potassium.
Another name for sour star fruit crops:

  • Belimbing Asam (Indonesia)
  • Belimbing Wuluh (Jawa)
  • Calincing (Sunda)
  • Bhalimbing bulu (Madura)
  • Blimbing buluh (Bali)
  • Limbi (Bima)
  • Bainang (Ujung Pandang)
  • Takurela (Ambon)
  • Celane (Bugis)
Efficacy and benefits for the treatment of:
Treating Cough Way, take 1 handful of flowers and 1 slice sour star fruit sugar then boiled together with 1 cup of water to boil down to 1/2 cup drink morning and evening routine.

Treating Gout Way, take 1 handful of leaves sour star fruit plus whiting then mashed together rub as param.

Treating Thrush Way, take 11 flowers sour star fruit, tamarind and brown sugar together and then boiled with 2 cups water to boil down to 1 cup drunk in the morning and afternoon.


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