Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cats whiskers medicine kidney stones

Cats whiskers sounded strange indeed for the name of a plant, but that's his name, cat's whiskers (Orthosiphon aristatus) is usually used as an ornamental plant it also has properties that are good for health, since cats whiskers is believed to cure various diseases.
The types of diseases that can be cured and the way how where how to process are as follows:

1. To expedite expenditure of urine
Prepare whiskers approximately 30 grams
Reed Root 30 grams
Meniran 30 grams
Rinse all these ingredients are
Boil all these ingredients are in water three cups until the water is reduced to 1.5 cups
Drinking the potion 3x a day and drink ½ cups

2. Treating kidney stones
Prepare leaf cat whiskers 25 grams
Ngokilo leaves 25 grams
Leaves nasty shard, washed 25 grams
Meniran leaves with roots 25 grams
All these ingredients are boiled with four glasses of water to drink until they run out of water boiling concoction of the day

To treat your kidney stones can also try other ways, namely:
o Prepare the leaves are still fresh cat whiskers 3 handheld
o leaves nasty shard 5 sheets
o Wash thoroughly all these ingredients are
o The two ingredients are boiled with two glasses of water capacity to boiling,
o Drink stew concoction 2x a day morning and evening for 10 days, after ten days of dressing young by drinking stew 1x a day.

So share the benefits of cat's whiskers plant, not only as an ornamental plant, it is also useful for treating various diseases. may be useful.


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